Wintertime at Rooted Romantics farm

We had a pretty heavy snowfall for our area last night.

As usual, our first thought is how are the animals adjusting to the cold and the snow?

Well, I think you will be as interested as we were to observe that this year, the chickens are not fans of the snow.  In years past, they were more adventurous than we could have imagined! They’d scurry about blazing a chicken trail through the snow, always seeking bugs, worms or leaves to snack on. This year, however, the birds living here would rather stay in their coop!

The rabbits, however, LOVE the snow!  As soon as the door to their coop opened this morning they ran out to explore and play.

This spring we bought ten Barred Rock chicks and ten Rhode Island Red chicks.  Four of them turned out to be roosters (yum, yum!) but the sixteen remaining hens are beginning to lay!  As a result, we have some eggs available to sell.

Available to purchase:

We have 3 dozen eggs available, $5 a dozen

We have several rabbits available, ready to roast, $6.50 a pound.  Most weigh around three pounds.  (cooking tip: season them like a turkey and you won’t regret it!)

Just contact us through Facebook and we will respond. Delivery can be arranged, if needed, within our area.

Have a fun and safe snowy day!





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