A Day in the Life of Rabbit

We visit the rabbits at least twice every day in our morning and evening (dusk) chores.

In the morning we bring three flakes of hay, spreading about half a flake over the floor, and stuffing the rest in the upper cubbies. The rabbits eat or spread the rest out on their own.

a group of rabbits eats from their food dish

Their water bucket is cleaned and refilled, with a splash of apple cider vinegar (which seems to promote general well being; the difference in health from before and after using apple cider vinegar is quite noticeable!).

They have two large dishes that get 2-4 scoops each of feed every morning, depending on the number of adults.


At close up we chase them back into the rabbitat. This task became much easier after discovering stomping on the ground as we approach the runs makes most of them run to their safe place, the rabbitat. Sometimes the teenagers will play around with us before running inside, they like tag.


We don’t inspect the rabbits every day, but we do keep an eye out for any signs of trouble – from fights to signs of sickness or distress.