Management currently is fairly loose. The buck roams free with the does. Often there are multiple bucks, as the younger litters grow up.

Every week, with the cleaning of the coop, each rabbit is closely inspected. This involves handling, determining gender, and looking at the rabbit’s general health.

Breeding selection is quite loose. Basically, if a rabbit isn’t displaying traits that we desire, they are soon dispatched.

The main traits that we are looking for, in order of importance, are as follows:

  • Healthy; resistant to disease
  • A friendly, gentle disposition towards rabbit and person alike
  • Good parenting instincts
  • Sleek coat; keeps itself clean

This is not to say that good parenting instincts aren’t that important, but rather if a doe displays good parenting instincts, but is susceptible to disease, she won’t be breeding for long.